Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Welcome Reassurance.

Thank you, Zunaid! :)

"For what it's worth I don't find your blog off-putting at all. I think it's a rather interesting perspective on life in the UAE from an outsider's viewpoint.

Just two comments from me:
1. Are you sure that is what Ameen meant? Maybe he got the word order mixed up? Easy to do if English isn't your first language for example.
2. Whatever you do, at the end of your time in the UAE don't come away assuming that Arab culture equates to Muslim culture or vice versa. If you really want a broader experience of the religion in different cultural contexts you'll need to visit other Muslim-majority countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey and even Pakistan and Iran. That should just about cover all your bases ;)

From a non-offended Muslim reader.

To paraphrase Dory from Finding Nemo: "just keep blogging, just keep blogging..." ;)"


Zunaid said...

I'm blushing! No really...I've turned just red :$

Zunaid said...

p.s. I clean forgot about African countries; a place like Somalia no doubt has a completely different culture than the others I mentioned before.

What I should have done was use my go-to resource:

Each listed entry links to an article about Islam in that particular country, makes for some interesting reading.

Similarly interesting of course is

Zunaid said...

What, nothing on Ramadaan? :( I'd have expected a message to all your adoring fan (singular :P)

MOMMY said...

ahaha Zunaid! :) we're still in the States until mid-September! more soon, promise. :)