Monday, September 29, 2008

So I guess we're moving to DUBAI

Well it looks like this is really happening. Dubai. I still can't believe it, and yet apparently somewhere in the universe there exists a plane reservation with my name on it. My name, along with the names Daddy, Sushi, Screamer, Baby, and PopPop. How we were ever persuaded to agree to this I do not recall, although I'm sure the words "great adventure," "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," and "sinking U.S. economy" were used. Daddy even took these photos during his most recent visit to Dubai in the effort to convince me I will still have many comforts of home... though I don't recall ever seeing that last sign in our local mall.

Which brings us here. Daddy is scheduled to leave in a mere 6 days to go over and start setting up our new lives, and we will join him in mid-November. While he is gone, I expect that I will battle daily waves of anxiety and disbelief, but hopefully I will not lose my nerve entirely. After all, I promised the kids that, at our "new house," they could have a camel. Ugh.